Dunpender Community Council - Residents' Survey
Residents' Survey

How are we doing?
We asked you in 2001 and again in 2005 for your views on living in the Dunpender area. Since then we've worked on a lot of ideas you came up with so now we'd like to check that we're still on the right track.

1. What facilities do you think could be improved in the local area. Tick up to four.
Bus Services
More Parking spaces
Activities for children
Facilities for teenagers
Sports facilities
Street cleaning
Traffic calming
Litter in the countryside
Crime Prevention

2. How do you think the DCC could improve the area for your benefit?

3. Have the recent improvements to the paths network around the Dunpender area made you more likely to use the paths?
I was unaware of any improvements
I have started to use the paths more often
I might use the paths more often in future
I already use the paths regularly
Any other comments on the paths network?

4. What facilities do you and your family use in East Linton?
Businesses other than shops
Primary school
Lynton Centre
Community Hall

5. Community Planning.
East Lothian Council is setting up a Local Area Forum to put together a Local Community Plan. We, amongst others, will be representing you at this Forum when local issues and concerns will be discussed with East Lothian Council and other 'service providers' such as Health, Police, Fire and rescue, transport companies, voluntary groups etc.
What concerns do you think we should raise?

6. How often do you read our news item in the East Linton & District Advertiser?
Every Month

7. How often do you visit our website, http://www.eastlinton.uk.com?
It's my home page
Every few days
Once a week
Once a month
Less often
Don't have the internet

8. How often do you read the Dunpender News?

9. Do you know how to get in touch with the Community Council?
If yes: How would you contact us?

10. Please add any other comments or suggestions you think might be useful for the Community Council.

11. Where are you from.
Dunpender area
UK (outwith Dunpender)

Thank you very much for filling this in, now please click the submit button.

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