Power Cuts Advice

Loss of Electricity supplies to East Lothian - Saturday 1st December 2018 UPDATE and Cause of power failure

Please be aware that the ELC Contact Centre remained fully operational last night during the power cut and were dealing with many additional alarm calls and visits to vulnerable people. Our Care for People teams were working to provide re-assurance.

Please remember that 105 is the number to call during a power cut to obtain information. I called this number several times and it was predicting an 8.45pm re-connection. As we now know, reconnection was 7.45pm. Please also encourage those vulnerable in your community to register for Scottish Power priority service:

Further information to assist communities:


.... .you should still be able to use a traditional plug-in landline phone during a power cut as long as nothing has happened to bring the phone network down, too. This is because your telephone line takes its power from the local telephone exchange, which has back-up power available. Cordless telephones will cease to work but old fashioned phones connected to the wall will continue. Further guidance on this information:

Message from Scottish Power re last night's power failure:

Please accept my apology for the loss of electricity supplies to various customers in East Lothian this evening.

Customers in East Lothian are supplied via two Grid substations; Cockenzie and Dunbar Grid's. Both Grid substations have two transformers (stepping down electricity from 132,000 volts to 33,000 volts), in other words these four grid transformers provide electricity to all East Lothian customers.

Both these substations are interconnected (back up each other) via two 33,000 volt circuits, so if one substation fails the other can supply customers via the 33,000 volt network.

At Dunbar Grid one of the transformers is being repaired, so Cockenzie grid is partially supporting Dunbar via the interconnectors. Unfortunately this evening one of the interconnectors supporting Dunbar Grid failed (tripped) resulting in the loss of supply to over 9,000 customers.

Our control room were able to direct local staff to restore all customers via alternative feeds ..... our staff will work overnight into Sunday to establish the reason for the trip. We will then repair the fault to fully secure the East Lothian network.


Duty Manager
SP Energy Networks.