Go Outdoors

Some of the Pix in the Stix members recently made a visit to Driftwood Cinema, based in Dumfries and Galloway, to learn about putting on Outdoor Cinema. Matt Kitson, from Driftwood Cinema, run as a social enterprise, was very welcoming. He discussed with us the pluses and minuses of outdoor screenings. We then went out to help set up the night's showing of 'Grease', suitably dressed for the film.

It was a lovely evening, but chilly, though the rest of the audience seemed more prepared than us - a big lesson!!

And - the rain stayed off till just after the end of the film, and even then it was only a light smattering for a bit.

Driftwood Cinema can be found online at

The Pixies & Matt - pre show discussions Susie & Matt swapping hints & tips
Setting up begins
Nearing completion
The audience starts to arrive - well happed up! The back projection booth - Matt's car
Some old movie adverts kick off the event Then 'Grease' begins as the light fades
"Totally Devoted to You"!