Parish of Traprain

The Parish of Traprain

Important Message from Rev Neil Dougall, Interim Moderator

The Covid 19 outbreak means that all services, meetings and activities at Prestonkirk and Stenton have had to be suspended for the time being. That is a huge loss for us and our community Ö but it is not the end of the story.

In times of crisis and difficulty Godís people do not despair and they do not give up. There are three things we do:

1. We Pray.
We pray for our nation, our community, our neighbours and ourselves.

  • Pray for the health service to cope with demands.
  • Pray for our government to act wisely.
  • Pray that vulnerable and isolated people will be given resilience.

2. We Worship.

I am minister of St Andrew Blackadder Church in North Berwick. This congregation posts Sunday services on their website, The service for the week will be available each Sunday by 10.30 am. Why not settle down, in your own home in front of your screen, at 11 am on Sunday morning and worship with the other people you normally worship with?

3. We Care.

Just because we can't meet doesn't mean we can't talk. Phone calls, texts and emails make a huge difference when we can't meet people. If everyone made a conscious effort to talk to two people every day, we would strike a huge blow against isolation. Who will you reach out to?

Kind regards,

Rev Neil Dougall

Interim Moderator