Pilates and Yoga Classes
Group Class Schedule March-May 2017
East Linton Community Hall Yoga Monday
Drop-in classes - £9 or book 3 classes on 3, 10, 24 April for £24
No class 17 Apr
Drem 65+ Pilates Tuesday
(max 7)
6-week block 28 March-9 May No class 18 Apr - £60
North Berwick, Barefoot Sanctuary Pilates Tuesday
(max 12)
Drop-in class £10
* PLEASE NOTE: This class finishes on 11 April at the venue above.
It will move to an earlier time (10:30-11:30) in Drem on 25 April
Athelstaneford Village Hall Pilates Tuesday

(max 12)
6-week block 28 March-9 May No class 18 Apr - £60

Drem Pilates Wednesday

(max 7)
6-week block 29 March-10 May
No class 19 Apr - £60

North Berwick, Barefoot Sanctuary Pilates Wednesday

(max 12)
6-week block - 29 March-10 May
No class 19 Apr - £60

Details of Group Classes & Individual Sessions
Pilates this class focuses on a progressive programme of exercises to build core strength, stability and flexibility. Suitable for the beginner & improver
65+ Pilates offering a gentler range of mobility and core strengthening exercises for the 65+ish
Yoga traditional Hatha yoga class to improve flexibility and balance and to promote mindfulness & relaxation.
Suitable for all ages & abilities
Pilates Equipment individual sessions can be booked on the Pilates equipment (e.g. the Reformer). The apparatus differs from the mat by providing resistance and feedback to your body. It helps to ìfast-trackî the body to use the core muscles more effectively. You begin with an introductory session. Thereafter for those who wish to continue, a block of 6 sessions is booked during which you undertake a progressive programme. Private sessions are helpful for those wanting to progress more quickly, when there are specific medical issues, for those returning to exercise after a break or where a weekly class commitment is not possible etc. These sessions are done at my studio in Drem.
Special Offer

25% off an Introductory session on the Pilates apparatus for students currently doing regular group classes with me
( £30/1hr instead of £40)

Mat private sessions ~ individual or small group sessions on the mat can be booked for Pilates, yoga or my Bespoke Blend (a blend of Pilates and yoga). These can be 1-off sessions or ongoing classes. These sessions are done either at my studio in Drem or they can be done at a venue to suit.
ALL GROUP CLASSES please bring your own mat if possible. Yoga mats are generally 3-4 mm and non-slip. Pilates mats should be thicker (15 mm ideal). Some mats will be available if required.
PILATES CLASSES ONLY these are offered in blocks. £60 is payable at the start of the 6-week block. Cash, cheque or bank transfer is accepted (bank details attached). A completed and sign medical form (attached) is also required from all participants. Spaces are limited (venue details above). Please bring a Pilates mat (15 mm ideal) if possible. Some mats will be available if required.
Pilates classes are progressive and new people generally join existing classes at the start of a block. Beginners integrate quickly into classes where there are experienced students to learn from. If a new student wishes to start further into a block then individual tuition is available to 'fast-track' you to the specific level of the class you want to join. If you can't attend your normal class on a specific date, you are welcome to attend another Pilates class or the yoga class as an alternative, space permitting. If you have a holiday or prior commitment booked during a block and can't make up your missed classes at another time during the block then please discuss options for a pro-rata rate for the block with me.

Testimonials ~ if you are benefiting from classes I am always grateful for testimonials on either my website or Facebook page (or both!). Local comments are very helpful when establishing a business in a new area. Comments can be sent directly to the addresses at the top of the page

I look forward to working with you in the weeks ahead. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions meantime.